As of the good condition of the one hundred years old pine forests (72 % of the total surface of the island) Mljet is one of the most beautiful and greenest islands of the Mediterranean sea. As such Mljet was and still is an attractive place for sophisticated tourists, nature enthusiasts and discoverers, who follow the legend of the well-known Odysseus and Saint Paul. 

There are a lot of accommodation possibilities such as private holiday flats and holiday houses in Polace, Pomena, Babine Kuce, Govedari and Soline.

The harbours of Polace and Pomena are attractive nautical localities.
There are located in the area of Jezera lake, the nature phenomenon, which is protected as of its extraordinary scenically, vegetative, geological and historical significance.
The small island of Saint Maria which is situated in the middle of the Veliko Jezero lake is famous for its Benedictine monastery from the 12th century which is listed as a historic monument.

Daily ferry connections to and from Dubrovnik (and more frequent connections during the summer season) are at your disposal.

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Tourist Community Govedjari
Polace bb
20226 Govedjari
Insel Mljet
Tel. ++385 20 744 186
Tel.& Fax. ++385 20 744 086

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