The Croatian coast is one of the most indented in Europe because there are more 1000 islands, reefs and cliffs along the Croatian coast, out of which sixty island are inhabited.

Some of the islands Brušnik and Jabuka in the middle Dalmatian area and Kornati Archipelago, attractive row of islands between Šibenik and Zadar Archipelago.
Numerous coves, gulfs and bays make Croatian coast more interesting.

The largest island is Krk that is called by its inhabitants “the seventh continent”, and the largest peninsulas are Istria and Pelješac. The largest bay is Kvarner aqua thorium (many bays, channels, passages and gates).

The largest river that flows into the eastern Adriatic is Neretva, and other Croatian rivers that flow in the Adriatic are Mirna and Raša in Istria, and Zrmanja, Krka and Cetina in Dalmatia.
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