he Adriatic has enchanting diversity of plant and animal species.

Beside the abundance of, so called, white fish from bottom levels, there are lots of, so called, blue fish, that move across the Adriatic in great shoals (pilchard, mackerel, sprat, anchovy).

Cephalopodan, snails, crabs and shells (scuttle-fish, squids, octopuses, scampi, lobsters, mussels, oysters),make the rest of sea fauna. In depths of the Adriatic there are beautiful white and red corals.

With a little luck, while looking at the open sea, just before sunset, your evening idyll can be completed by acrobatic jumps of one of the three species of dolphins that live in the Adriatic.

There are jus a few species of sharks in Adriatic, but they are not dangerous – only a solitary dangerous one occasionally wanders into the Adriatic following the great ships.
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