There, the grace of nature made everything better than man could do, proofing right those who claim that nature is the greatest artist.
The only miraculous fact is that, on the Croatian coast, the creative passion of nature was unfolded in such abundance that one becomes breathless in presence of all that beauty.

Besides wondrous beauty, the clean sea makes the Adriatic so special. In present tendency of the return to Nature, our Adriatic Sea, as very few seas in the world, can offer what elsewhere has been destroyed by the explosion of the mass tourism: so many unique is lands, quiet coves, mysterious caves and unique beauties cannot be for und anywhere else.

The most beautiful are the numerous islands that are the last oasis for those who yearn to experience the untouched nature, peace and beauty. Numerous beaches are not only beautiful but also diverse.

It is hard to determine what is more beautiful, the famous sand beach on Zlatni rat on the island of Brac, or the silvery glittering sand of the beautiful beach in Brela. For those who like seclusion and intimacy, the most appropriate are the “wild” rocks of the sunny island of Hvar, immersed in the wondrous beauty of clean and sea and surrounded with pine forest.

Numerous visitors of the Adriatic coast will enjoy in healthy Mediterranean cooking with the abundance fish ( more than 360 species <9. Prepared “ na gradele”(grilled) or “lešo” (boiled) as “brudet”, Adriatic fish is splendid food and unique gastronomic pleasure.Apart from the sea food, gourmand will be delighted with the world famous cheese from the island of Pag, or Dalmatian and Istrian pršut (ham). After such meal, with sounds of soft Dalmatian songs, wine from your wooden pot can tun into nectar.

You also shouldn't miss lamb with potatoes and bread baked in specific way
(“under peka”).Don't miss the chance to go fishing with locals, either by night “pod svicu)(“under the candle”) or in dawn that is nowhere as beautiful as here.
You will certainly understand this great love that binds “natives” to this blue beauty.For the most of the year, the Adriatic is sailed by many private ships and sailing boats. Beside picturesque bays and natural harbors nautical tourists can use modern, well equipped and safe marines.

Those who like underwater activities, diving and fishing, can also have unforgettable experiences.
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